Colorcom Allestimenti Fieristici IUAV Master Open Day

The Open day of IUAV University of Venice. Photo by Umberto Ferro – IUAV

Colorcom Allestimenti Fieristici chose to support the second level MasterTouch Fair Architecture & Exhibit Space”, since its 1st edition. As the Chief Executive Officer Luca Galante pointed out: “From the beginning, Colorcom has believed in this high level educational project, that is able to help the growth and the development of the exhibition’s sector. In fact, thanks to this course, lots of professional figures were created, that are able to work by combining knowledge and expertises both in the artistic-architectural field and the technical-scientific field”.

Furthermore, the Touch Fair Architecture Master guarantees to participants a real future career, as the data shows. This data was collected by the scientific coordinator of the course, the professor Raffaella Laezza, during the Open day on the 23rd June 2016, organized by the IUAV University of Venice.

The 90% of the guys, who attended the last editions, got a job at the end of the Master, as Melanie Simonetti and Andrea Meleddu said. These guys were students who have done their internship in Colorcom and then they were hired in the company” – explained Doctor Raffaella Laezza.

“During every edition of the course, we offer to one student an internship– confirms Luca Galante, the CEO of Colorcom – with lots of results.

Therefore, we decided to renew our partnership for the 4th Master’s edition, which will start in October 2016”


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